We Believe In 



Being Your Professional Partner for Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

We are working on innovative solutions and developing flexible services to make it as appealing as possible for you as a partner.  We are creating an OPEN cloud-based EV charge station management platform keeping our EV charging solutions and software virtually limitless to Integrate any station hardware in the industry.






Enabling to Charge Smart and Safe

We strongly believe in providing user with a well-designed, well-connected, smart, reliable and certified charging point that is better than just plugging your vehicle into a conventional 220V outlet. Our charge points are quality checked and tested for multiple standards for safety, emissions, water resistance and temperature.

Creating a Green Footprint

With solar photovoltaic generation integrated into the charging platform, we maximize the renewable energy generated at source and optimize the power consumed from grid through our smart load balancing algorithms, we aid you in creating a cleaner and greener footprint.


Delivering Attractive Platform

We endeavor to create a customized solution for you that meets your budget and gives you the flexibility to buy or lease. We aim to lower your total cost of ownership with smart energy management and intelligent cloud-based management platform.